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The Progressive Material Volitional Identity is also called the Mundane Consciousness and connotes a Material Ego. Mundane means the progressive materialist, wherein the individual perceives the reality of the human condition in terms of, and in which the Identity and definition of everything tends to be singular, isolated and independent with no overall plan, coordination, theme, purpose or goal. All phenomenon and change is considered as material, mechanical and automatic like cause and affect, wherein the impetus of all change is due to simple interactions of the properties of the elements involved such as the mixture of cold and warm air. The Material Ego means the decision-maker of Progressive Materialism. The Material Ego of the Mundane Consciousness may be equated with the Left-Side Brain as the analytical, linear, sequential, logical, verbal and reality, real-world personality. This may be in contrast to Conservative Spirituality and the Spiritual Ego in which the orientation may be the Right-Side Brain.


The accepted theory is that pre-industrial mankind is too primitive to develop the technology promoting Excess and Profit. An alternative theory is that the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity as the Resident Identity, inculcated or adopted by any individual in any age or time, is an ethical and spiritual conviction based on Prohibitions. This consideration is based on the premise that every element the natural world is considered to have Inherent Consequence. The conviction of Inherent Consequence would mandate activity and behavior that would limit the use and exploitation of any or elements of the natural world for resource to Necessity and Subsistence.


Consequential Integrity follows from the concept of Inherent Consequence, which is based on the Conservative Assessment. This means that any given natural pre-existent state is of greater value than any alternatives that can created to replace it.