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The natural world is considered Conservative, which means that the function of all natural change is to preserve pre-existent states changed, in a same or similar condition, considered as an already complete and finished state, that due to the existing condition as a planet in space, cannot be improved upon as defined by the concept of Orbital Correlation or the earth's orbit around the sun.


From the Conservative condition, it is concluded that the Consequence of the results & products of the natural change of the Given Existence, are equivalent to the tandem pre-existent states transformed or destroyed; wherein the change is equivalent to the promotion of the preservation of the former tandem state changed in identical or near like form. The value and Consequence of any given pre-existent state is equivalent and equal to the changed state or condition. What is destroyed or consumed promotes the existence and identity of the consumer in exact or near identical form, and thus the consequence of what has been transformed is exactly equivalent to what has changed it. Or it can be said that every individual element contributes to the Whole as the planetary existence, and thus every individual entity can be considered as equivalent in Consequence to the Whole.


Since the Consequence of any changed state is equivalent to any pre-existent state changed, the Equivalency Principle means the absence of the ability to evaluate, based on comparative authorities of greater or lesser value. The resulting condition is called Olamic Value, as the absence of any specific, definitive, absolute, permanent, definite or precise value and Consequence. But rather value and Consequence is open, symbolic and relative to the whim of the individual.