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An Ideologue is an individual who views the world in terms of specific sets of doctrines, beliefs, creeds, convictions or principles, that are considered as absolute, true or inviolate, no matter how they may conflict with the actual state and reality of affairs and circumstance, and from which decisions are based concerning the interplay of the individual with any given moment of present reality. The general conception and usage of the term ideologue means one who is fixed, narrow minded, uncompromising, limited in intellectual scope, perhaps intolerant, tending to singular intellectual perspectives and issues. For instance the individual who will not have children on principle because the state of human affairs is considered incompatible with bringing children into the world, or the anti-abortionist who is against abortion under any circumstances. The propensity to Ideology can also be associated with persons who have limited experience and knowledge, as individualized circumstance, and thus must rely on limited understanding, general principles and formulas that are suppose to cover all situations. Idealougues may be quite intellegent up to a point, as knowing every detail of the workings of the boat they ride, but know absolutely nothing about the ocean they float on.

Ideology is an inherent aspect of the Progressive Materialist perspective. Human created states and conditions may be foreign to the natural world of the Given Existence as progressive. The progressive ideology imposes new states and conditions upon what is replaced. This entails an attitude of superior authority. This authority is greater than and authorizes the transformation and destruction of the pre-existent states and conditions they replace. Thus the progressive tends to embrace authority that enforces their developmental ideals. God is a progressive ideal as authority greater than the natural physical world.

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