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Locals and Globalists

The terms Locals and the Globalists would be used to describe two social classes, which would be said to comprise any given Progressive Materialist culture of the modern age. The Locals are infrastructure workers, and the Globalists are managerial classes.

Broadly and generally the Locals would be the working classes and small capitalist business owners and government workers, as lower and lower-middle class, and some middle, while the Globalists would be some middle, upper-middle and upper, as Corporate and big Capitalist business owners, stock holders and management paper now data pushers.

A pure definition of the Locals or what the Locals would be if they weren't infected with the ideology of Globalism, is that descriptive of Conservative, the Whole and All, , Polytheism, , Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

A pure definition of Globalists, if there were no need for a working class would be descriptive of Progressive, the Part, One, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

The Locals are Progressive. The Locals are Capitalists. The Locals are Patriarchal. The Locals are the Part. The Locals are One. The Locals are Monotheist. The Locals can be fascist. But this is because the Locals are infected with Globalist ideologies of Monotheism and Moneytheism which equates to Monoculture.

Locals have a limited periphery of awareness more or less confined to what is local, as the neighborhood and local community. Locals are high school educated and tend to stay around town and not run off to college the way the Globalists do. Locals are generally limited in their literature-reading to what was assigned in high-school. They comprise generally the local workers and small business owners, manual and infrastructure, service and trades work, would-be union, nationalists, buy national to preserve local jobs and thus are loyal to the community and nation if not downright patriotic.

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