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For a more true experience of living, perhaps the most important thing that one can do in life is to tune one's perception, since perception is the experience of living. If one were traveling in a rail car for the purpose of sight-seeing, one would not want dirty windows, such that when looking out, all one saw was only what was reflected from within. The windows whether clean or dirty are analogous to what is termed here the Associative Landscape. The Associative Landscape is all Association contained in the memory which affects the the way the individual perceives outside reality. Association is the memory of past experience and thinking. The individual recognizes, identifies and gives context to present consciously aware and sensory impressions and images by comparison with association. A dog is distinguished from a cat by remembered and associated past experience of dogs and cats. The experience of Zomp may have no associative reference of any kind, and thus Zomp cannot be identified in any way. Once having experienced Zomp, a second experience will contain a context of the first experience and thus Zomp will be recognized within the context of the past experience.

Another example of Association is when viewing the countryside through the window glass of the railroad car, it is not a true experience. One only senses by sight and does not experience with the rest of the sensory apparatus. To fill in the blanks one relies on Association such that if one sees many trees with brown leaves one may be possessed of Associations of autumn. Associations are the memory of past experience, that one automatically attaches or compares to present experience or other memories.