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What is the meaning of life ? What is the meaning of meaning ? Meaning is something beyond name or noun, as what affect was, is, or will be. The meaning of the dresser is clothes as how it affects one. The meaning of the clock is time as affecting my whereabouts in about ten minutes. What meaning, what affect that yellow dandelion ? None - unless this writing would-have some affect. The meaning of my life is what affect I have, have-had or will-have.

Life means alive for an unknown period of time, and what affects one has-had, have and will-have of that life-time. If no affects one could say life has been meaningless. Some people are more affective than others as politicians, statesam, discoverers, writers and a few artists. However in any case, affects are limited to one life known. And how much meaning can there be in one life alone ?

A life of learning and of what use is it ? as one-life alone. What can one life mean ? What affect can one-life have ? as one moulders in the grave. Certainly a second life would make more sense if one could use the accumulations of a first-life before. But of what sense two lives ? if those two lives could not engender a third life to make use of the beforehand two, and so-on and on, for of where would end-be ? a living summation. What is the affect and meaning of one day ? Today not much. Hopefully something more tomorrow. Need another day. What is the affect and meaning of one-life ? So far not much. I think I need another life.

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