PROPERTIES The latest evolution of the theory to include MetaProperties.
SUMMARY A summation of the theory of lexloci or 'Law of the Place'.
SYNOPSIS A synopsis of the philosophy contained on this web page.
ABSENCE OF CONSEQUENCE The free exercise of human volition made of possible by the absence of consequential value inherent to the natural world.
ABSENT DETERMINANT The fundamental difference between religion and mysticism.
ANTIPODAL ASSOCIATIVE PARADIGM The social class system which derives from the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and the implications of the inherent emotional dynamic and response system.
ASSOCIATIVE LANDSCAPE Association as it affects the perception of everyday reality.
AUTHORITY FOR HUMAN ACTIVITY & BEHAVIOR Describes authority for human activity and behavior in terms of spirituality, as either already existent in the natural world or as a material state of mind or memory.
CHANGE The implications of Change.
COGNIZANCE A summation of the theory of the Dimensional Trinity.
COGNIZANT TRIAD Interpretation as the means of assessment of Condition. Evaluation as the means of assessment of Context. Comprehension as the assessment of Cognizance.
COMMENTARIES Listing and links to commentaries on various terms in the lexicon.
CONDITION Dissertation on that aspect of the Dimensional Trinity called Condition.
CONSCIOUSNESS & INTELLECT The distinction is made between the Consciousness and Intellect.
CONSEQUENCE Consequence as the primary authority for human activity, behavior and conduct.
CONSERVATIVE PROGRESSIVE DICOTOMY Attempts to define conservatism as the spiritual state of nature and Progression as material state of human created invention.
CONSIDERATIONS Philosophical sketches.
DETERMINATION Describes the concept of Determination and the chain of premises that descend from this authority.
DYADIC AUTHORITATIVE COMPARATIVE The evaluative system of the Progressive Paradigm and Materialism.
EGO A theory of Psychology wherein the Ego is defined as the interpreter of the body and in conjunction with the Identities and Ipseities.
EMOTION Defined as associative attributes which contain consequence and thus is relative to what is of consequence.
ETHICS AND MORALITY Ethics is distinguished from morality, in terms of Necessity and Subsistence and Excess and Profit.
EVIL Discussion of the proposition that Evil is human created.
EXCESS & PROFIT The Correspondence between Excess and Consequence.
FINITE DETERMINATION The finite context and authority for human activity and behavior as results and products.
GOVERNMENT A dissertion on the various aspects of Government.
IDENTITY The Conservative Spiritual Ethical and Progressive Material Volitional Identities.
IDENTITIES A Psychological theory.
INTERPRETATION Dissertation upon the nature of associative Interpretation.
INTERPRETIVE CONTEXT Interpretation is the selection of Association as relates to specific Context.
IPSEITIES A theory of Psychology wherein the Ipseities are defined as the interpreter of other dimensional intercession and in conjunction with the Ego and Identities.
LOGIC Theory of Logic in terms of arguing from evidence and premises or from principles and pre-existent conclusions.
METAPHYSICAL IDEAL Describes the objective and authority for Progressive Materialism.
METAPHYSICAL PARADIGM Companion Paradigm to Conservative and Progressive.
NATURAL AFFECTION The difference between non-emotional and emotional association.
NECESSITY AND SUBSISTENCE Describes Necessity and Subsistence in terms of these days.
OPPOSITION Explains the difference between Complimentary and Antithetical Opposition.
OVERVIEW Over-all introduction to the theory of Any Age Authority.
POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS An explanation of the distinction between reality and the memory.
PRIVATE PROPERTY The correspondence between private property and Morality.
PROTO-RELIGION A dissertation, which illustrates some fundamental elements, of what is described as Proto-religion, in contrast to what is defined as Progressive Materialism.
PROTO-RELIGIOUS DETERMINATION Describes Spiritual Determination, Olamic Value and Spiritual Context.
RELIGION Dissertation on materialist religion.
SEMIOTIC LANGUAGE Language of empirical spirituality.
TRUTH Discussion of the nature of Truth.
WHOLE, PART & PRODUCT as pertains the Conservative and Progressive Paradigm.
STORIES Autobiographical sketches.