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Antithetical Opposition is a human determination, as the interpretation of the transformation & destruction as exists of the natural world, to be opposed and antithetical to human created and sustained qualities & conditions as human created states. Antithetical Opposition is a principle element of the Progressive Paradigm and the The Logic of One, and the beginning of the abstraction of the self and culture from the natural environment. Complimentary Opposition is the wellspring of the Conservative Paradigm.


Conservative means Change that leaves qualities & conditions as reproducing and preserving a same or similar state. Nature and the universe is Conservative and thus so is the compact of the Conservative Paradigm. The concept of Conservative is related to the postulate of the MetaProperty Whole. Whereas One is equivaltent to the Part, All is correlated to the Whole which is Conservative. The Whole is responsible for a stable, safe, cohesive environment for all its Parts. The Whole must resist change that would endanger its Parts. The Whole of the solar system must remain the same to an exacting degree. While a Part may be Progressive and run off on it's own, the Whole must be Conservative and remain as it is. By the same token the Parts must also be Conservative and do their job, which promotes the function of the Whole. And without the Parts there would be no Whole.


means many gods and goddesses, and which reflects nature as a plethora of compelling forces, such as wind, fire, water, forest, animal and vegetable life or a vast multiplicity of sentience as a democracy of life forms. Actually all cultures have been polytheistic accept for the three major monotheisies Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

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