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Whereas Monotheistic Religion is for the most ardent followers, a one day a week thing, Indigenous people tend to live spiritual lives twenty-four hours a day. Since pre-industrial people are without mechanical aid, they may rely heavily on spiritual forces for the help they need. These forces are multiple and varied called Polytheism.

Elements of the natural world are individual. Trees are distinct from rocks and rivers from lakes. Each individual entity is thought to contain individual spirit. One doesn't appeal to the sun for the for bad luck befallen, as the one all powerful monotheistic deity. The world doesn't work that way. Differing entities have a will of their own. However if the world were dead - spiritless and soulless, some other-dimensional living monotheistic God might make some sense, and you only appease him once a week and ask for forgiveness.

One treats the world, manifest with living things as intelligent, and as-if trees, bushes, birds and varmints were people. One has respect for one's environment. One treats it superstitiously because if one offends the local spirits, one may expect a spiteful return snit. Indigenous people live by Necessity & Subsistence or only what they need, although some excess may be accumulated for trade, to acquire what is locally unavailable such as salt, flint, herbs or beads.


means female here meaning Conservative attributes characterized by Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy. Wherein the Progressive Paradigm called Patriarchy is said to be characterized by male attributes, the Conservative Paradigm is called matriarchal.

This concept is illustrated by two types of Interpretation as Ego and Identity assessment. The Ego is said to be the first personality and the associative selector which primarily interprets reality in relation to and affect upon the body.

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