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Because each individual has only one body, which must be safeguarded in its environment, the Ego must be protective and Conservative. The Identities are personalities created mentally, which may or may not be independent of the Ego, the purpose of which is to accomplish objectives, and one can possess as many as one can keep track of, such as audiologist, guidance counsellor, dietician, occupational therapist or nursing assistant. Identities are associated with the male qualities characterized by Progression, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

The natural state of the concept of objectives is Progressive as to accomplish and to add. This addition may simply replace what is expended as Necessity & Subsistence, or it may also add additionally as with the introduction of Excess & Profit. Progressive Materialism with its objective oriented Identities is considered as male oriented.


While there exist hundreds of Identities in industrialized societies, most of which are based on occupations such as ceramicist, management accountant, newspaper editor or pipe fitter, Indigenous culture has few Identities such as fire, rain or medicine maker, tracker, weaver or stone chipper. Indigenous culture has one Ego and many Ipseities, which are like Identities as objective achieving, except the objectives are other-dimensional. Thus Indigenous Ipseities are personifications of various spirits, which may be found in nature such as a wind whisperer, stream spirit, tree cosmos or bird spectre.

Natural Affection

It is proposed that the Emotional system of Indigenous is different and distinct from Emotion called Natural Affection, which means sensory response directly affecting the sensory apparatus such as the sudden sharp pain of a spider's bite, as opposed to the dictates of associational Consequential Value, like the sudden sharp pain of a spider's bite associated to be venomous poison with three hours to live, this last as Emotion described as sensory response affected by Association.

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