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So it would be said that the Ego would be more-so the purveyor of Natural Affection and Identities more-so of Emotion. The Ego as protector and defender of the body, need-be the use of the more accurate direct stimulation without the exaggeration of associational emotion to better safeguard the body. The Identities as personifications of objectives, might be more inclined to exaggerated associational values as inherent in any given objective such as race car driver, film critic, life-guard, master of ceremonies or newspaper editor.

Optimum Correspondence

In contrast to the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative of Progressive Materialism, as an evaluative mechanism, in which Consequence is assessed as some degree between two opposites like good and evil, Optimum Correspondence uses a single comparative base or standard, which is the optimum quality or condition of any given entity, circumstance or situation, as optimum rainfall is twenty inches annual. Consequence is evaluated as optimum or some degree more or less. Optimum rainfall is enough for best crop production, but not too little to a drought, and not too much too root-rot.

If the Metaphysical Ideal of Progressive Materialism is generally more than is necessary as Excess & Profit, the natural ideal is called optimum necessity, as no more and no less than what is needed. Any given animal eats until they are full. They don't eat beyond what is optimum. The Given Existence functions by Optimum Correspondence, which means everything sentient is possessed of optimum conditions of existence as enough food and water. In nature more than enough is excessive and destructive like flood, hurricane or earthquake and not enough like drought. The evaluative base is fixed and true.

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