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Socialism may be best illustrated by the concept to the Whole, simply described as a circumscribed, maintained environment composed of Parts, each of which are equal in their necessary function as contribution to the Whole, and wherein the Whole equitably serves each of the Parts of thus a unified functioning system. Nature is Socialist. Nature does not make a profit. Every Part of the unified planetary ecology serves as some Part of the Whole, each cohesive in that milieu, with only the idiot human race in non-compliance.

Indigenous people are Socialist and tend to work together in groups for the benefit of the Whole and share and share alike. Religious missionaries have to separate people from the group, individualize them, so they can be held individually accountable for sin and accumulate profit independent of the group, and in the end turn them all against each other.

The evaluative system of Socialism is said to be Optimum Correspondence. Socialism generally called government, attempts to preserve the optimum conditions of the various functions of its Parts. Socialism and government is community and what is and what affects the community as a whole. Optimum Correspondence is the correct and proper working order of all its various functions. A road is well and smoothly paved or rough and full of pot holes. Optimum of course is a well paved road of which anybody can use, which is paid for by small contributions of the many if not most of its users, none of which could do it alone, although Capitalists may decry Socialism, but use the roads and services and do not build there own, and if they do they charge a fortune for anyone else the use of.

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