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One & All

The evaluative system of Optimum Correspondence inherently serves the interests of the All, in that what is optimum is generally the commonality of All. Optimum daylight is a commonality of All. Optimum Correspondence is an open system, which means while the subject of evaluation is fixed, like body temperature, comfortable degrees of light, sound, temperature or moisture, the degrees to which comfort or discomfort can attain is open, as how hot or cold can it get, from the solar furnace to the deep freeze of space, it could get worse.

The evaluator and subjects of evaluation are fixed as necessary constituents for survival. However the criterion evaluated is said to be open, as that which affects the subject of evaluation as environmental conditions such as the future is unknown; the wind could get a lot stronger, the snow how deep ? There are averages but in particular instances one cannot be sure as to the degree of which affects may endure as either too little or too much.

The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative inherently serves the interests of the One which is the elite, meaning the Metaphysical Ideal becomes everyone's ideal whether any possibility of ever achieving such or not. The One means private property and ownership, for-self absorbed, indulgent, interested, involved and narcissistic. One means caring for the self as opposed to the community of the Whole or All. The elite One is the object and desire as the Metaphysical Ideal of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

Progressives, especially young people, prefer an open-ended possibilty system which progression seems to be, but in so far as the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is concerned, Progression is a closed system.

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