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The positive and negative poles are generally finite and fixed, as the Antithetical Matrix is for instance, the Devil with a very definitive characterization. Hitler is most often used as an Antithetical Matrix or child molester or Antisemite. The Metaphysical Paradigm is demonstrated as rock stars, millionaires, beautiful models or royalty for instance as finite criterion.


The natural world is said to be democratic called the Democracy of Nature. The land with all its life-forms is free for any entity residing. The predator/prey kill ratio is for most animals less than fifty-percent, some as low at ten and a few as high as eighty percent of the time. Which is to say prey has a chance, unlike human factory farms where prey has no chance what so-ever or true fascism.

Socialism is said to be democratic, as can be found in any village, town or city in the world. The government by some form of taxation is owned by every of its citizens and freely of service to everyone, such as its roads and bridges, police and fire, libraries and schools. This is democracy. However where private interests co-opt the government thru corruption for private purposes, the One subsumes the All.

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