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      Logic of Null


Null is a MetaProperty as a Triadic in conjunction with the MetaProperties All and One. All is representative of the Conservative paradigm as pre-industrial Indigenous culture, while One is representative of Progressive paradigm or Excess & Profit industrial societies.

The All of the Conservative Paradigm is typified by Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy. The One of the Progressive Paradigm is typified by Progression, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

The Null

While the MetaProperty All is associated with the Positive Dimension as the physical world called Condition, and the MetaProperty One with the Negative Dimension as memory and mind or Context, the Null is representative of a third dimension called the Metaphysical, as an other-dimensional plane. Further, while the All is representative of Polytheism and Spirituality, and the One with Monotheism and Religion, the Null would be associated with a third Úlan-vital outside of Spirituality and Religion called Metaphoria.

The concept of Metaphoria means other dimensional intelligent interaction as communication which takes the form generally of metaphor or comment upon physical word or deed as Synchronicity or other dimensionally, which inspires empirical situations, circumstance and events, and which requires interpretation.

The Null is a posit of other-dimensionality and thus seemingly is-not registered directly by the ordinary sensory apparatus. The Null is aspects of other dimensionality which may capable of the influence of both the Positive and Negative Dimensions, that can and would be registered by the sensory apparatus directly. The Null then would be things that happen as situation and circumstance. Null means vacant, empty or undefined place, space, vacuum or void of which some affect may-come to occupy. And thus the idea is create the concept of vacuum or void the name of which could be represented by the concept of Olamic Value.

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