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Olamic Value

Olamic Value means anything can be anything, or any entity, situation or circumstance can symbolize or act as metaphor for other-dimensional correspondence. She said no to the wizard and her hat flew over the fence with a sudden gust of wind. In contrast the scientific assessment is that any entity, situation or circumstance of the material state as the Positive Dimension, is represented as Definitive Value, meaning very specific, singular definition based on what an entity is composed, varying attributes such as size or weight, dynamics and ramifications, and the results and products produced explains what an entity is called Finite Determination. Olamic Value means any given state or entity as well as being definitive, may assume any number of identities, definitions and contexts which may represent other-dimensional communication called Semiotic Language.

The Indian reservation was surrounded by the FBI imposing a no passage blockade, and it came to be known that where on the reservation's perimeter, where and when three crows landed in a tree, a rock or whatever, it would mean that-that particular area was unguarded, and the Indians could slip off or on the reservation at those points. Not exactly other-dimensional but the gist of the idea.

Obscurity Principle

Not registered directly, or the incapacity of the Sensory Apparatus to sense any aspects of the Metaphysical Dimension is said to represented by a reason called the Obscurity Principle. If the Metaphysical Dimension or in particular an other dimensional self, as after-death experience were known for certain to the individual, that knowledge would nullify material existence as irrelevant, abortive, nugatory or malapropos in the light of future continuation.

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