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And thus it is conjectured, that other-dimensionality as Spirit or Soul must remain hidden, secluded and abstruse, in order for the material being to possess the capacity of free-will, meaning if the future were assured this assurance would dictate decisions in the present, and of what sense would it make for one to live the life of an automaton directed by the future. Of course for instance what this future might entail, as the determination of heaven or hell, the belief in either one in future, of which may change and dictate activity and behavior in the present.


The concept of Metaphoria would be an alternative spirituality and would mean Interpretation of other dimensional intelligent interaction as communication, which would take the form generally of metaphor or other-dimensional comment upon this world word or deed as Synchronicity and Semiotic Language.


Because the mind can be highly subjective and twist experience such as to gain what it seeks, the mind is dismissed as a proper vehicle for other dimensional communication. Since most things one encounters in reality is pre-defined by the conditioning of past experience as Definitive, and because if communication with other-dimensional entities is possible, it might be utilized best as the activity and behavior of one's environment, objective and independent of the individual's mind or dreams, interpreted symbolically and metaphorically. The events and circumstances are real, objective and definitive, but can be interpreted in any manner the individual wishes which again is subjective, but with real objective events to rely on, interpretation can be tested and reviewed, changed or reassessed as a matter of building a language over time.

Interpretive Method

A language of Interpretive Semiotics would be created. This involves the interpretation of reality from the Context or perspective of intercession of non-material entities such as Spirit or Soul.

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