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One can change one's perception of reality by changing one's belief or by changing the Associations one chooses, which identify, define and give context to what is perceived - present, past or future. The experience of reality is called Interpretation, which is actually the particular Associations one appends to present reality or thinking. One can append the associations good, bad or ugly to the visage of Abraham Lincoln.


The selection of particular Association as opposed to the multiplicity possible is called Interpretation. At the sight of a spider, Bill associated Little Miss Muffet and curds and whey, while Slim associates big spiders in the boat house, and Wilmette imagines gossamer webs. Thus the experience of reality depends upon the Associations that are attached to any and all given instances. If one would-wish to change one's experience of reality, one might change the associations that one would choose to apply to any given instance of actuality.

However one of the largest problems in the change of Associations is Definitive Value, as wherein moderns define most things as materialistic, which affects and determines the Consequence of any given entity. Materialism ascribes the meaning of Consequence as utility, as in particular the results and products as inherent or produced by an given entity. The lawn mower cuts grass. The pie plate is used to make pie. Things are defined by what they produce and is quite specific. If entities produce products of no worth and Consequence as trees which do not produce tea leaves, they are considered to have no meaning and are of no Consequence. Thus everything is reduced to a single utilitarian definition and these are the Associations one uses to identify, define and give context to reality, and there is no Null.

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