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People are classed by what they do as the bricklayer and the stockbroker. Value is reduced to near nothing, accept as the potential or actuality to produce needed or desired results and products in present or future.

Semiotic Language

Semiotic Language is the Interpretation of the occurrence of what happens, concerning any or all elements of any given circumstance, situation or event, as first Definitive meaning it is what it is, but at the same time can be Null or something of anything else.

Semiotic Language can be communication from some form of extra-dimensional agency, which can be evident to the senses of the individual in any place, location or time. A fluttering leaf hit her upon the shoulder giving credence to her sudden new idea. About to embark upon a new path, a branch fell and crashed ahead, and thus she decided to remain on the old well trodden way.

Identity and definition may take the form of Olamic Value wherein any given event or entity may be used to assign Associations upon places, people, events and entities which serve other purposes, and can assume symbolic identity, form, definition and significance. The creation, adoption or use of Interpretive Context, is based on the assumption that other-dimensional inspired phenomenon, circumstance or events are vehicles of intentional and intelligent communication, via the means of symbols or signs termed Semiotic Language, originating from some spiritual source.

In terms of Semiotic Language itself, the individual assuming or accepting that there is the capacity of some kind of extra-dimensional communicative relationship, may cause one to become more cognizant of one's surroundings, to begin to read one's reality, to be awake to everything that happens, and in general become more aware.

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