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Rather than being defined by what a thing produces, an entity or happen-stance may be defined by a context of the moment. Walking on the beach there was noticed arrow like indicators as drift-wood, that when followed led to a natural stone sculpture of a head with two faces front and back.

Enigmatic Belief

One's everyday reality may be the same, and one may-have learned pretty much all there is to learn. New reality is difficult in that one has to forgo the old reality and move to the new which involves time and expense. A vacation is new reality, but usually of short duration. Enigmatic Belief would employ everyday reality, by believing things about it that may or may-not be true, thus creating new experience perhaps called fantasizing, or what could be called Learning Illusions. For instance one could have-not or pretend that one has no car and walk or take public transportation. A definite inconvenience, but new experience in which whole hosts of new insights might be gleaned. By pretending untruths as true, one would incur new experience. By pretending to be a millionaire Knarly found that everyone bought him stuff and he didn't have to buy anything. As another avenue of new experience the Null may be found to produce unexpected instances by intercession in specific events, in which one may be engaged. A double rainbow on the day of engagement seemed an especially fortuitous sign, and so rare it might attributed to the Null.

A question needing a yes or no - when a crow flies overhead flying north meaning : the answer is no, as north signified winter, hardship and a negative significance. This entails a pre-existent Context. Summer might mean yes. Spring perhaps towards the affirmative since summer-comes, and autumn towards the dissension of winter.

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