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There are said to be three paradigms called the Conservative, the Progressive and the Metaphysical Paradigms. These are essentially a predominant emphasis upon one or another as the Positive Dimension of the natural world called Conservative, the Negative Dimension as memory and mind called Progressive, and the Metaphysical Dimension as any or all things concerned as other-dimensional.

Conservative change is said to duplicate itself in a same or similar condition, as trees are trees over millions of years, infinitely. Progressive change derives only as known from the human mind and usually proceeds by the transformation or destruction of the natural to be replaced by human anomaly. The parking lot paves over the forest. Metaphysical change means change as instituted from the Metaphysical Dimension by intercession of other-dimensional or Metaphysical non-physical, non-mental entities.

The Conservative Paradigm is represented primarily by the MetaProperty as the All. The Progressive Paradigm primarily by the One and the Metaphysical mostly by the Null. All means inclusive of everything as nature is. One means exclusive superior attributes which override the legitimacy of lesser being to exist, and Null means other dimensional as non-physical being.

The Metaphysical Dimension and Paradigm is represented by Polytheism, Religion and Metaphysics generally known as Mysticism. Polytheism is many gods, goddesses and spirits of any sort found co-existent in the material world, and would be said to coincide with pre-Excess & Profit cultures called Indigenous.

Religion would be said to be analogous to post Excess & Profit, representative of one god and one god only and thus is fascist, and of which is of another dimension superior and separate from the physical and thus does not disallow the ravages of Excess & Profit.

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