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The media is the many organs of communication which exist for the purpose of the dispersal of information, to a community at large, which pertains to subjects as local, regional, national and world. The media is newspapers, radio, television, magazines, books, movies, and now the computer. These are institutions which are dedicated to the transmission of information and entertainment.

The media is shared communication accessible to the community as a whole. The media imparts knowledge of what is going on outside the individual's own sphere of awareness. This knowledge is shared by others of a lesser or greater community, and may affect how the individual and others think, act and behave. Information and entertainment obtained from the media is community shared, in which the many may share similar affects and understandings. The individual having similar experience can better understand and relate to others. This is opposed to privately obtained knowledge and information in which there is to a certain degree of estrangement from the public whole.

The type of information that is dispensed to the community is relative to the Controlling Agency of the media institution. The Controling Agency is the authority which controls the media operation such as the the government, governing boards or private owners. The Controling Agency can be said to be operated by Government or privately owned institutions. Government operation takes the forms of Authoritarian, and Socialist operation. The persons who make the decisions as to the everyday general and specific content of information, are the editors called the Directing Instrument, who in general may have a more or less free hand, but who must stay within the parameters of content, specified by the the Controlling Agency.

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