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Metaphoria or state of metaphoric euphoria, is the consideration that specific events and circumstance in reality may by Interpretation, possess metaphoric meaning which originates from other-dimensional sources called Spirit and Soul. In Metaphoric language Spirit is called Euphoric and Soul is called Psyschesoma.

Metaphorian Metaphor means the use of specific circumstance and events, as thought to-be inspired intercession of other-dimensional agencies. Empirical sensory situation, circumstance and events, interpreted as other-dimensionally originated or inspired manifestation, is called Semiotic Language. Empirical experience that actually occurs external and independent of the self, and as sensory experience is interpreted as either mundane or other-dimensionally inspired. Lightening flickered emphasizing her sudden flash of anger. A bell tolled in the distance, accenting his of-a sudden new idea. Events or circumstances which could be interpreted as correspondent comments by synchronistic timing, may be interpreted as Semiotic Language emanating from spiritual sources.

The individual is said to possess a Spirit and a Soul, and that communication may occur between other dimensional sources and this-world as semiotic metaphor. Assuming Soul and Spirit, the question would be, why the Spirit and Soul is invisible and unknown to physical material being ?

Obscurity Principle

Assuming Spirit and/or Soul, the concept of the Obscurity Principle would state, that the certain knowledge of one's other-dimensional and future providence and Identification, would affect one's free-will and choosing, having to consider one's decisions in present with reference to that of one's perceived future self-hood and after-life this.

Assuming Soul, the case pre-exists the logic and must assume the presumption, that the reason, meaning and purpose of material existence poses some investigation of the Soul's character in reference to the utilization of Free Will, absent the knowledge of past or of future consequences.

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