A more official definition of Omnitude, the present definition not all that well established presently, is omni as universality and all, with the addition of tude meaning out or outside. Universal all-out or outside. A more specific definition as posited here, would mean Everything is Everything, or it takes everything for one thing to exist, and it takes all the one things to make everything, or Everything is Everything. [sp]


Metaphysics means Meta before or MetaMind first called a Constant Comparative in the parlance of MetaLogic.


Omnitude is said to consist in three dimensions called the Dimensional Trinity, given the assignment of Properties, which are Condition, Context and Cognizance. Omnitude as Everything is Everything, means the dimensions and the Properties would be said to be Interpenetrate Planes, each within the other as different dimensionality. [sp]


Metaphysics as MetaLogic takes four forms called Dyadics, Triadics, Metaphorics and Metaspherics, as systems that incorporate interpenetrability of the three Properties. [sp]


MetaLogic uses what are called the MetaProperties, which means the dimensions and Properties are classified into three categories as All representing matter and Condition, One representing mind and Context, and Null representing appreciation as Cognizance. [sp]


Dyadics means As also symbolized @, or any of the six combinations of One, All or Null as each other, since they are considered as Interpenetrate Planes.

[All as Null] Condition @ Cognizance.
[One as Null] Context @ Cognizance.
[One as All] Context @ Condition.
[All as One] Condition @ Context.
[Null as All] Cognizance @ Condition.
[Null as One] Cognizance @ Context.
Each of these combinations are assumed to produce different elemental qualities. [sp]

Dyadic Comparatives

Dyadics means two elements of comparison separated by the term As or @, the second element As or compared to the first called the Comparative Constant. Red @ yellow is red modified by yellow. The second element or modifier is called the Random Comparative. [sp]


Triadics means As or @ with the addition of Is or #, that is followed by the third MetaProperty not used in the Dyadic. [All as Null is One] [All@Null#One]. The third element is called the Correlative Comparative. [sp]

[Null as All is One] Cognizance @ Condition # Context.
[Null as One is All] Cognizance @ Context # Condition.
[One as Null is All] Context @ Cognizance # Condition.
[One as All is Null] Context @ Condition # Cognizance.
[All as One is Null] Condition @ Context # Cognizance.
[All as Null is One] Condition @ Cognizance # Context. [sp]


Metaphorics means a Triadic with the addition of a fourth element called the Synchronymic Comparative, symbolized as [And or &], and which represents Application or Metaphor as actuality in Condition.
[All as Null is One & I] where I is the application. [sp]


Metaspherics means the surround sound of the Controversal.