LogProperies are called Foundation Reasoning which corresponds to the AuthorProperty of Internal Authority. Authority Reasoning which corresponds to External Authority. MetaLogic corresponds to Panoptic Authority.


A what is called Dicenian System is proposed, wherein Love is defined as Enlovement as an experiential state to which are also included as independent systems orperational in any given instance, as Natural Affection and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and to include the Ipseities as an independent Evaluative System.

Unconditional Love is said to mean everything is loved equally; including monster and mayhem; meaning unconditional love of anything and everything, including everything that is good and everything that is evil; to include the destruxtive furies of nature. One may love absolute evil and its every manifestation of hate, as well as beauty, goodness, peace and harmony. If god is all and god is love, then god loves everything, both good and evil, violent and peaceful.

Love is said to be of different types. Universal Love as the Condition of All, is the appreciation equitably common to everyone, called Natural Affection.

Conditional Love as Emotional Love is indexed to conditioned degrees, called the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, or Natural Affection exagerated by Consequence of any type; as love for oneness and singularity superior to otherness by ..........category.
Euphoria as Love exemplified by the Property, Null.