Voidance is ClearSpace like an empty sky. It is like the weather, it just comes on you, and you have to take what you get as whatever comes writing across the sky in this case. It is a course in forced labor anthropology. Sink or swim. Voidance is given the MetaProperty called Null. As Metaphorics, it is an element of the Seven Sequences, which means sequential structure of the Four Comparatives. Voidance is represented primarily by the concept of the Synchronymic Comparative, as mind creating reality and reality creating mind simultaneously, for the benifit of the Null. without situation, circumstance or opinion, but of mere fact or event, of which Omnitude will now interpret I see


The Volitional Selector is that which volitionally selects particular Association, from the myriad of associational content in the memory. The Volitional Selector is called the Ego, which is the memory of what Volitional Selection has accomplished, by the selection of Association which produces specific and intended thought and deed. The Ego is a categorization of memory, of what it can command and repeat. For instance the Volitional Selector associates the memory of walk not run, and proceeds as such. The Volitional Selector as the Ego is capable of selecting Association through various contexts called Interpretive Context and Interpretive Personification, as Identities and the Ipseity.

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Intellective and Interpretation
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