2nd Opinion

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In the autumn of creation when stupidity reigns supreme, and the winter of earthly existence is nearing beginning, some will wonder why and what happened as-do all future generations wonder of past generations, how could they have been so stupid - the very definition of evil ?

The answer is MonoCulture, the mono meaning One or few elite on top, and the culture of All mundane, as the majority-many below. Simply - rulers and ruled. MonoCulture otherwise called the Progressive Paradigm, descends from the Extra Mundane Authority, as one and only one single and perfect God, or the Metaphysical Ideal as the holy grail of secular progressive Moneytheism, as perfection acquired by money, or God and Gold.

Everyone wants either God, Gold or both, as immateriality and materialism, which in-actually is immaterial conception of the mind, and what the body can appreciate as aquired by Gold. God and Gold are the fundamental pillars of Progressive Materialism, which because progressivity is perfectibility which is pyramidal, wherein unregulated accumulation of Godliness or Goldliness concentrates to the few and fewer. Guns then are the third leg of the G-Trinity, since logic will never convince God adherents of a democracy of spirits or Gold gleaners of social and economic equality.

The economic mechanics of all of known nature excepting human kind is Necessity & Subsistence, which is subsistence by necessity alone and of which was practiced by Indigenous people for eons. Progressive Materialism results from the introduction of Excess & Profit, or excess which becomes used to acquire inequality and superiority. Since Excess & Profit requires material resource for its production the whole of the material world is negated called Consequential Negation, to material or resource for Gold. God is kicked upstairs to the attic.

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