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Necessity and Subsistence represents the economic law of the Given Existence applicable to every known living entity accepting the human species, wherein the results and products of activity and behavior are equivalent to the energy expended, as necessary to the preservation and maintenance, of any given pre-existent or present state and standard of living or life style, in identical or near like form. Necessity and Subsistence means that the economic results and products of the activity of living, are restricted to the replacement of energy consumed, and the continuation of the pre-existent economic condition and standard and of living, in a same or similar state. In terms of the human economics, Necessity and Subsistence is represented by the hunter/gatherer model and the Native North Americans until the advent of the Europeans.

Necessity and Subsistence is replaced by Excess and Profit, which is the results and products of the activity of living in excess of what is necessary, and that represents addition and increase as profit defined as Volitional Abilities, in excess of the energy, effort, time or risk necessary to sustain and maintain the qualities and conditions of a standard of living, in the same or similar condition. Excess and Profit is the economic base of all modern economic systems excepting pure communism and non-profit enterprises. (See Excess and Profit, Commentary)

Necessity and Subsistence is considered a pristine model of economics, which represents the economic means of the individual, when the natural world is considered as a Spiritual State. However in these modern days of progressive material acquisition, pure Necessity and Subsistence is virtually and ethically impossible, such as to live as ancestors in the wild, since there is not that much wilderness left and every bit that is, should be left completely alone accept for visits by camping or backpacking.