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What is here termed Natural Law is the laws and dynamics of the Given Existence or natural world. These laws are the conditions of the planetary existence, as governed by physical, chemical, biological or any of a myriad of other processes, as the interactions of every component of the planet, such as the revolving orbit of the earth in relation to the sun, the continuous planetary mixing of hot and cold air and water, gravity, the nature and behavior of the various biological spices of plant and animal life, and all the various and innumerable entities that interact with one another. Natural law is what naturally happens as every natural event from the sunrise and sunset, to the afternoon breeze, to the predation of every species, the rain and thunderstorms or the melting snow to the tornado. Natural Law is the reality of the Given Existence to which all humans are born. It is the physical existence to which all living things are subject, that lives and sustains, that brings misfortune and death, that is the environment of which everything is enveloped.

Natural Law is opposed to \ Human Law. Human Law is Accords, agreements, strictures, decrees, directives, edicts, or common, cultural and customary law, that are either Authoritative or Common Consent Accords, to which humans are to conform and correspond activity, behavior and conduct. The authority for this conduct as Human Law is Conceptual. Religious persons use the mandates of the Bible, Koran or other religious texts as authority for the way they live, and the way they believe humankind should conduct itself. The source for these works is said to be God or Spirit.

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