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A distinction is made between Natural Affection said to be governed by Amorphous Sensation, which is absent Associative exaggeration as Emotion, based and influenced primarily by associative Consequence, wherein Natural Affection is said to be the sensory vehicle of the Conservative, whilst Emotion would be the sensory system characterizing the Progressive Paradigm.

Amorphous Sensation is the sensory response of the Human Sensory Apparatus, like any of the five senses such as taste or smell, sight or sound. It is the feeling derived from sensations both exterior and interior to the body, and can be anything from stomach pain to the witness of a shooting star.

Amorphous Sensation is sensory registration, wherein the sensory response is not so much affected by Association such as images, impressions, feelings, thoughts, conceptions stored in the memory, that are automatically or selectively attached to present experience or thinking, as identification, classification, implication and Context. Present sensory experience and feelings may or may not be affected by Association. One may gaze at a hilltop without attaching any particular associations to it. Or one may instantly associate something like 'steep climb'. Natural Affection would be Association that does not necessarily contain any content of Consequential Value, such that it would cause emotion as consequential Associational response.

Association may alter the sensory response and feeling itself in a present experience. Association attaches images and feelings from the memory to present experience as sensory sensation, like the smell of decay may indicate rotting wood. Association is necessary to the recognition, identification and context of any or all elements of the sphere of sensory perception. The response of the sensory apparatus is direct, instantaneous and automatic, like one may jump at the sound of an unexpected loud noise, or it is affected by Association which enables the individual to distinguish between the multitudes of sensory stimulations.

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