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The concept of Opposition is used here describe change, as all transformation or destruction, which is in opposition to the composition and construct of what already exists, as any given pre-existent state or entity. The tornado tore up trees by their roots, which was in opposition to the character of that pretty little woodland. Opposition is defined as any change which opposes the way a present condition and circumstance is.

Change is activity and behavior, which is the continuous process of the reality of nature termed the Given Existence. The day is transformed from morning into mid-day and night, or every day is a change from season to season, which results from the activity and behavior of the earth's orbit around the sun.

Transformation is the activity of change, which does necessarily involve destruction, as the lake was transformed by the winter freeze. Destruction is the activity of change and transformation, in which entities or states cease to exist in the same composition and character, as the trees torn up by the tornado are transformed, but no longer perform the function as before. The evaporated mud puddle ceases to exist at all.

Change opposes an existing state or condition. If the individual forms an emotional bond and attachment to an existing state, such as the love for the forest in say the Majestic State Park, any transformation or destruction such as a severe forest fire, would oppose that emotional state of attachment. On the other hand, if a fire was-set to clear land for farming, the change might be welcomed by the developers.

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