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The premise of the theory of Any Age Authority mainly concerns the distinction between pre-existent and changed states, or the value of changed states compared to the tandem states changed. These two conditions are comparative, as recognizable by some degree of difference between the two, such as the lamb laying down changed to standing up.


Change is the primary condition of the Given Existence. Everything is in a constant state of change, as anything from the changing light of day, summer changed to winter, or the Agrarian changed to the Industrial Age. Change is called activity and behavior since alteration as movement is required to produce change. Change affects the pre-existent state which is termed transformation and destruction. Transformation is changing aspects such as spring to summer. Destruction is change to the character of the pre-existent state or condition, such as predatore/prey or an uprooted tree. The affect of the change as the new condition is termed the result or product. The conditions of change are the pre-existent state, activity and behavior as transformation and destruction, and the result and product as the changed state.


The impetus for change can originate from the essential character of any state or entity, as the natural processes inherent to the character of an identity, such as the depletion of energy from activity, as a fish swimming or a person walking. This form of impetus can be said to be inherent to any naturally created entity, which applies to everything from stars to organic matter that comes into existence, grows, depletes, decays and passes out of existence. The impetus can also originate from relationships of the surrounding environment, as the soil erodes under a rock which causes it to tumble down the hill. This impetus for change is said to originate in the Positive Dimension as Intrinsic Authority.

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