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This impetus for change is said to originate in the Positive Dimension as Intrinsic Authority.

The impetus for change can also originate from memory, which is termed the Negative Dimension. This is any animal or human created change which involves the memory as conception, from squirrels hiding nuts to remembering phone numbers. This is termed Extrinsic Authority. Change can also originate from what is called the Mystical Dimension as agencies considered as spiritual.

Change is described and defined by the term Opposition. A state or condition pre-exists every change. Change which transforms or destroys a pre-existent state is said to be opposed and in opposition to the character, constitution and dynamic of the former state changed. A storm that blows down a tree is opposed to the existence of the tree and the composition of that particular state and environment. The night-fall is opposed to the condition of the warm sunny afternoon. The housing project is opposed the qualities of the swamp as where it was built, and in opposition to the dynamics of its condition as a former wet land.

Change as Opposition can be said to be the fundamental problem of human existence. This concerns the conflict between any given pre-existent state and the changed condition to which it may be altered. Two types of change or opposition, are described as Complimentary and Antithetical Opposition. Complimentary Opposition is said to describe the condition of the Given Existence in which every changed state promotes the existence of the tandem pre-existent state changed. Antithetical Opposition is a human determination in which changed states promote the absence and are antithetical to pre-existent states and conditions. The Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy reflects the distinction between change which promotes the continued existence of pre-existent states and change which replaces them.

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