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But because there is no other known planet that could be evaluated as equal or superior to this one, there is no Positive Base Comparative Standard, and thus the parameters of a scale of evaluation as the earth is something more than Mars but something less than what, cannot be set. Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities are Positive Base Comparative Standards to which the natural world can be compared and evaluated.


The necessity to transform nature for human needs and wants produces the problem of the human conflict between destruction and creation. Nature is the Pre-existence which proceeds all human created conditions. The distinction is made between the Pre-existence and human created alternatives which derive therefrom. The consequence of the existence of any given pre-existent state or entity, which must be used as material or space for changed or alternative qualities and conditions, has its value and consequence determined by what it is used for. The Consequence of Being represents the evaluation of the value and consequence of any pre-existent state or entity, as compared to the necessary or superfluous human created change, which requires the transformation or destruction of pre-existent states and conditions. This concept illustrates the true conviction of the individual, by what is consumed or possessed, either as first hand or passive participation.

The comparison between the value and consequence of a pre-existent as compared to the changed state which replaces it, is termed the Comparative Determinant. The pre-existent state is either of greater consequence, wherein its use as space or material is prohibited or limited, or it is of less, wherein its transformation or destruction is allowed.

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