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If the planetary world and what may include the entirety of the Given Existence is a spiritual entity, it may be considered as a single living whole, in which each of its elements may be considered as individual parts. Because what lives utilizes energy which must be replaced, and because the planet cannot resupply its energy from outer space, it must in essence consume itself. Any determinate evaluation as value and consequence, which would indicate how any given state or entity should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed, would already be apparent within the dynamics of its existing constitution. By the concept of Necessity and Subsistence, everything consumed is equivalent to the promotion of what consumes it and the promotion of the whole. The Consequence of Being of the results & products of change are considered as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent state transformed or destroyed, which is considered as an equality of value and consequence. The value and consequence of any given natural entity is equivalent to the promotion of the continuation of the existence of the whole of the living existence.

Everything natural possesses a value and consequence which is unified with the existence of the whole, and possesses an integrity such that what is transformed or destroyed, is either prohibited or limited to what is of Necessity and Subsistence. This is an objective fact of nature and a tangible model for human comportment. The individual, as an ethical consideration, can conform to that reality or adopt something of the many progressive systems of morality.

Morality represents systems of codes of conduct, which are necessary when prohibitions and limitations of pre-extent states and conditions are inconvenient, to the ability and capacity to create alternatives as volitional facilities, such as the creation of Excess and Profit.

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