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The creation of alternatives to natural conditions is either necessary, or it is less necessary as the superfluity of human greed. Necessity is the requirement of nature and life. Alternative states and superfluity requires the transformation or destruction, and the utilization of natural states and labor, as material for construction. This creates the problem of what can and cannot be used as resource and material.

The greatest volitional capacities come from the complete absence of an inherent right of existence for any state or entity. The problem of a validity or invalidity of existence, is the introduction of the bipolarization of value and consequence. The bipolarity of value and consequence is inherent to the concept of Progressive Materialism, which is rooted in the intellectual human capacity, as the ability to create separate experiential realities, and wherein elements of nature are necessary to create Qualified States, and progress demands material for its creation.

The complete absence of consequence as an inherent condition of the natural world, is the complete absence of prohibitions or limitations upon the transformation, destruction and use of any state or entity. By the concept of progression, value and consequence of what already exists, must assume a changed condition as a progressed state of development, to possess a validity of existence. Prohibitions and limitations must derive from emotional considerations or the authority of force, which is arbitrary to the values of those who hold it. In the complete absence of consequence, a means of the evaluation of the Consequence of Being of states and entities is necessary.

With the introduction or adoption of Excess and Profit, and when the Pre-existence comes to be considered as purely material resource, without any inherent consequence in and of itself to include humankind, regulation is necessary to control what can and cannot be transformed or destroyed.

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