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This Identity represents the composite of the volitional individual in which Progressive Materialism is a necessary prerequisite. The Sensory Response System is conceptual in its dynamic. The fundamental premise of Materialism is that all elements of the natural world are absent any inherent consequence which allows for its use as material resource. Where there is no already existing consequence as a reference for human conduct, the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is used as the method to assess Consequential Value. If what is of consequence determines emotional make-up, then the emotional response would conform to the bipolar antagonistic values such as capitalism/communism, patriot/terrorist, moral/immoral, progressive/primitive. This Sensory Response System is termed the Conceptual Emotional Dynamic. The propensity is for the individual to respond to present sensation based not upon Correspondent Association, but as affected by the instructions contained in the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as Disconjunctive Association.

The response to the taste of a particular wine may be more influenced by the label on the bottle than the actual quality of the wine. This associative process is termed the Antipodal Associative Paradigm.

The Identity Determinant of the Progressive Material Volitional Identity is to identify oneself by Volitional Abilities, which are measured against Metaphysical Ideals. These are such things as talent, money, competitive ranking, profession or property. This determinant is independent of the self, and depends upon the content of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative as a degrees of worth and consequence in relation to some Antithetical Matrix and Metaphysical Ideals. In terms of Religious Materialism, the individual depends upon a correspondence of activity, behavior and conduct to Extra Mundane Authorities like the perfection of God.

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