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When change becomes volitional and unnecessary, then a conflict arises between the value and consequence of pre-existent and changed states. Antithetical Opposition means that a changed state does not promote the existence of the tandem pre-existenct state changed, but is created for the purpose of producing the absence of the pre-existent condition and replacing it with an improved and superior quality and conditions. Antithetical Opposition also represents natural change, which is destructive of human created states, to be antithetical to human values.

The term Progressive accords to the concept of Antithetical Opposition in which change as activity and behavior should promote the absence of natural qualities and conditions. Every change to the natural world, from the garden to the auto mall, is change which promotes the absence the natural world. The Pre-existence is considered to have no inherent value and consequence in itself, which would prohibit or limit its transformation or destruction by human agencies. This means that the validity of existence is Subjective or dependent upon an authority outside of itself for legitimacy as a right of existence. This also means that human created states, conditions and entities cannot sustain their own existence, but are dependent upon human maintenance as outside authority. Natural states and entities with a validity of existence may be used as the raw material and resource for the creation of Excess and Profit.

Excess and Profit is the possession, increase and addition of property as Volitional Abilities which explains the reason, purpose, motive, meaning, value and consequence of activity, behavior and conduct of the individual. Because pre-existent states are necessary to the creation of Excess and Profit as material resource, a polarity is created between existing conditions of the natural world and human created states which are antithetical to each other.

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