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The dichotomy between Complimentary and Antithetical Opposition which equates to the value and consequence of the pre-existent state of nature as opposed to human created states, produces what is termed here the Bipolar Divergence. In terms of human consciousness the divergence represents the determination as to which state, the natural or human created, is the primary authority for human activity, behavior and conduct. The value and consequence assigned to these two states produces the human conflict, tension and dichotomy between the categories classified as the Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy as has been described above, the Finite and Proto-Religious Determinations as comparative evaluation and the Ethical and Volitional Division as illustrated by the concept of the Consequence of Being.

Determination represents the evaluation of any state, condition or entity in terms of a definition which would indicate what it is, how it should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed. A determinative evaluation needs a comparative attribute as a predicate, like the Given Existence and natural world is a botanical garden, which thus indicates how any given state or entity should be treated, what or what not it can be used for, and whether or not it can be transformed or destroyed in the context of botanical garden. Such evaluations are authorities for human activity, behavior and conduct based upon the reason, purpose, meaning, value and consequence of any given phenomenon, entity or event.

Comparative evaluation is the comparison of a subject to other entities, as an apple is compared and evaluated in terms of other fruit and with other apples, as a scale of comparison such as smaller or larger, sweet and sour or redder and greener. When good taste is the priority, the best tasting apple is the Comparative Authority.

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