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Comparative evaluation is the comparison of a subject to other entities, as an apple is compared and evaluated in terms of other fruit and with other apples, as a scale of comparison such as smaller or larger, sweet and sour or redder and greener. When good taste is the priority, the best tasting apple is the Comparative Authority.

The comparative evaluation of the planet earth is with other planets, such as the Moon, Mars and other planets in the solar system, which are similar in that they orbit the sun, are round and made of rock, but they do not contain life, are similar only to a certain extent, and are not Comparative Authorities. The Comparative Authority for the earth, or for any or all elements of the Given Existence, can be considered as absent or unknown, which is represented by the concept of the Absent Determinant. Or the Comparative Authority may be represented by the concept of Finite Determination.

The Absent Determinant is the determination that the state of the Given Existence and the planetary condition is absent any known Comparative Authority. The inability to know by comparison what any or all elements of the Given Existence are, how they should be treated, what or what not they can be used for, and whether or not they can be transformed or destroyed, produces a mystery. The Absent Determinant means that there is no known and certain predicate, such botanical garden which explains the Given Existence. This mystery is the capability of human free-will and the facility of self-determination.

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