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If the predicate for the Given Existence and natural world were known, such as botanical garden, then the individual would be expected and probably required by others, to conform activity, behavior and conduct to correspond to that definition. The comparative predicate of botanical garden would be the Authoritative Imperative, as the dictate and control of human conduct, and would define and determine the act of living to be necessarily concerned with gardening. Authoritative Imperatives require the correspondence of human activity and behavior by the knowledge of what it is, how it should be treated, what it can be used for, and if it can be transformed or destroyed. The Absent Determinant is the absence of any known Authoritative Determinant. The creation of Determination and the consequent Authoritative Imperatives is described the concept of Finite Determination.

Finite Determination is the designation or creation of the results and products of change as explaining pre-existent states and the activity and behavior of producing alternatives to them. Finite Determination means that results and products as changed states can explain what things are, how they should be treated, what or what not they can be used for, whether or not they can be transformed or destroyed, and the activity necessary to produce them. The result and product of food on the table explains the vacant lot or land, how it can be used, treated and transformed into a garden, and the activity and behavior necessary to create and maintain it.

If the marble rock in the mountain has no seeming reason, purpose or meaning, then mining and using it for construction and sculpture gives it reason, purpose, meaning, value and consequence, like the marble faced pyramid in the desert sands.

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