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If the Given Existence and natural world is not considered to be a complete and finished result and product then it has no comparative predicate, conforms to the concept of the Absent Determinant, and determination must be created by Finite Determination, or human created states such as the statue explains the marble. In terms Comparative Evaluation, Finite Determination is the creation of Comparative States as the results and products of change. These results and products are the Qualified States of human creation as conceptual states in origin. They represent goals and ideals which by the creation or possession of, represent superior conditions compared to the natural world, and explain the activity and behavior necessary to create and maintain them. They represent a Finite Context as reason and purpose for living. They define what the natural world is in terms of Definitive Value or as material resource for human existence. Because only changed states as human created results and products have purpose, the reason, purpose, meaning, value and consequence of the natural world is resource and material for Qualified States.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative
The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is a system of comparative evaluation between opposed poles, as an entity is evaluated by comparison to a negative and a positive, as warm is some degree between hot and cold. The earth by the fact that it contains life, can be said to be of some degree of value greater than other planets in the solar system. These lifeless planets could represent a Negative Base Comparative Standards in which the earth because it has life, could be evaluated as something greater. Comparison of the planet earth to lifeless planets can be considered as more, better, preferable and superior. But because there is no other known planet that could be evaluated as equal or superior to this one, there is no Positive Base Comparative Standard, and thus the perameters of a scale of evaluation as the earth is something more than Mars but something less than what, cannot be set. Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities are Positive Base Comparative Standards to which the natural world can be compared and evaluated.

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