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The prevalent consciousness of the day, that prevents population control, is the Morality of Humanism. Only human existence is considered to be of real consequence and any or everything human takes precedent over anything that is not. This attitude is most apparent in the Roman Catholic posture of the complete and total prohibition of any form of birth control, and the attitude of western Religions in general, that only humankind possesses a soul worthy of the salvation of God. The fundamental aspect of this problem, that underlies even Religion, is the concept of Progressive Materialism. This means that the physical world is considered as physical material, possessing no inherent consequence in and of itself, because it is considered undeveloped. The authority is conceptual ideal as the belief, faith, creation, production, maintenance of human created states that are defined as greater than what is natural. Thus only humankind, capable of producing development, is considered to have a sanctified status, and thus the more human development the better.

The simple fact is that without a change of human consciousness there is no possibility of ever containing population by individual decision and personal responsibility, which means that only centralized government can produce this result. What is necessary to produce such a change of consciousness, that affects such a drastic intrusion upon the individual's personal liberty concerning family size, is a consciousness wherein the environment takes precedence over human desires. In terms of this change, the authority for human activity and behavior needs to move from the Intrinsic or the Conceptual Authority that is the underpinning of Progressive Materialism, to the Extrinsic Authority of the empirical reality of the natural world. The source and authority for what is of consequence must be transferred to the natural world, the term for which is Conservative Spirituality, that defines the natural world as spiritual and sacred.

There is no question that there needs to be limits set on human population, and this will become apparent without doubt as the natural environment continues to decline or catastrophic breakdowns begin to occur. Since the possibility of a shift in consciousness to Conservative Spirituality is practically nil, it will become a matter of authoritative centralized states that will be required by conditions to perform the job.