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These states will either be Authoritarian, wherein central government will primarily serve the interests of an elite, or Democratic Socialist that will be for the benefit of the whole.

As a matter of speculation, or 'as if', a planet wide spiritual consciousness were possible, a population formula might be premised upon the following principles. Human population would be controlled by the many various means of birth control so as to maintain a relatively fixed level of population. The means by which this level would be established would be based upon Extrinsic criterion, not subject to the subjectives of Conceptual and Intrinsic Authority. Population may be regulated by the limitation of the use of the environment as resource, with areas designated as wilderness, such as 60%, this percentage perhaps varying in different areas depending upon such things as geography or sensitivity of the environment, and off limits to all human habitation and development of any kind. Human population would be limited to what the remaining exploitable areas could sustain. In conjunction with resource regulation, population may be regulated by limitations upon standard of living. The greater the standard of living the greater number of people necessary to maintain it. For instance the automobile or the computer industries need vast work forces to produce and distribute the raw materials and the finished products. The absence of those industries would mean the absence the necessity for that number of people. Thus a fixed level as standard of living would be set as an aspect of population control.