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The environment as the natural world if considered to be a spiritual state, deserves respect and reverence almost to the extent, "Even foot prints left in the sand, are deemed a defacement upon the visage of God". The natural world is termed the Given Existence.

A spiritual state is either an existent reality, as the present natural world and universe of the Given Existence already created, or it is a state of mind as a creation in the Negative Dimension, or something in some other dimension of space and time, as life after death, which can only be symbolized by books, churches, religious rites and the like.

If a spiritual state is evident to the senses, and not the manifestation of mind, like a mentally constructed conception of heaven or the visions of Prophets, then its existence as sensory reality may be experienced in any given present circumstance of actual reality. This form of spirituality is classified here as Proto-religion, also termed Conservative Spirituality, and is akin to Pantheism or called Polytheism.

If a spiritual state is a manifestation existing elsewhere, as having existed in the past, like the days of Buddha or Jesus, of which represents the possibility of future experience, as an after death ascendency to paradise, then this form of religious-state can only exist as association in the memory, or as human created symbols, such as religious texts, art, or architecture. This form of spirituality is classified here as Progressive Materialism, and represents what we commonly know as most organized religion called Monotheism.


Authority for human activity is any motive which induces the individual to action. The fundamental condition of the Given Existence, and for all life to include human is economic.

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