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What is defined as material, does not meet the criterion, and compare accurately to the models of what spirituality should represent. Therefore materiality has no validity, no inherent Consequence of Being, and may be used to produce and obtain progressed objectives. This allows for the complete freedom of humankind to use nature for whatever excess is desired.

What governs human conduct as Progressive Materialism is activity which corresponds to models of progressed and ideal states called the Metaphysical Ideal. What cannot be used, transformed or destroyed, is that which most closely resembles the models, such as one must never deface a church. That which does not correspond may be exploited. The models or Metaphysical Ideals as not inherent to the Given Existence are subjective and are many, from higher spiritual planes to high culture, wealth and fame. The Progressive Material authority for human conduct is relative to the model and subjective, of which the individual is inculcated or adopts.

The term God is generally associated with monotheistic singleness, and thus is undemocratic by content, allowing one and one-God only, as fascist and male as well, and thus Patriarchal. One God Monotheism is here called Religion. Polytheism is defined as Spirituality as opposed to Monotheistic Religion and Metaphoria. Polytheism means many manifest spirits. All of nature is considered as-of Consequence, and thus as grounds for spiritual habitation. Spirituality is associated as indicated with the Whole, the MetaProperty All, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

One God Monotheism to some means the Whole. God is everything or God is the Whole. These-then believers are socialist, matriarchal and democratic. Each of the multifarious Parts operates as God's plan or thru the organization of the Whole, excepting would-assume war.

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