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The other version of one-God Monotheism is the Progressive Paradigm represented by the MetaProperty One, wherein God or a relative, sometimes a scribe is a Part, superior and more perfect than the homogenized Whole. In the first case the church is the central authority and the Whole, and in this second case the Parts act independently and are un-needing of the church or the Whole, and which generally favor Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism. These are such as the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism of Christianity, or Shia and Suni of Islam.


Polytheism is represented by the MetaProperty All, as encompassing the Whole comprised of multitudinous Parts, each of which works in conjunction with the Whole. Any or all Parts may contain Spirits. Some polytheistic systems have a single over-arching God/Goddess or head-huncho, and which-may or may not represent the Whole as a single entity. Or there may be any number of Gods/Goddesses, each representing varying wholes in themselves, such as Gods/Goddesses of the sea, air, earth, forest or plane, and of which are distinct from spirits which would represent the Parts.

If there are Wholes and Parts there are also Products produced, which are either internal to the Whole or external to the Part. The products produced by Monotheism are primarily external to the Part as heaven and hell or eternal life. Other Products produced are such as morality and compassion, neither of which are what they are stated to be, and thus are also external to the Part. Morality actually means the good is what corresponds to specific authority as Authority Reasoning. God is good, says the authority of the Bible. The devil is bad.

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