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The reality of modern human experience can be defined as two fields, or the state of the Given Existence and human created alternatives to-it termed Qualified States, which promote the absence of the qualities and conditions of the natural world. These two fields represents the polarization and duality of Consequential Value.

Bipolar value represents associative attributes, dichotomized into inferior/superior as simple sensory distinguishment. Superior alternatives, to any given state or circumstance, as the cool of the wood may be preferable to the heat of the desert, are legitimized by obvious comparative contrast. The sensory facilities are necessary to the survival of any sentient being.

Qualified States as improved standards of living produces a conflict. Human created states need material for their creation and require the transformation of nature. The progressive material authority for human action and conduct, is the fundamental opposition between nature and human created alternatives and ideals. The promotion of the absence of the conditions of the natural world is the creation of human volitional abilities, or the facility of choice, like to ride rather than walk. Natural transformation and destruction which is a continuous threat to human created states, may be defined as opposed, antithetical, and in opposition to human created anomaly, as anything from main street to human health.

Progressive Authority represents the value of any given changed state, as superior to the value of the tandem pre-existent state changed, by virtue of the superiority of increased well-being, and volitional abilities, for any individual, group or culture. The Consequence of Being, of any or all elements, of both the natural and human created states, may be defined as material resource for and contribution to superior qualities and conditions as living standards.

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