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The individual is defined, in terms of the material identity by worth, or what the person creates, produces or possesses.


The fundamental condition of the Given Existence for all life to include human is economic. The necessity and reality of economic survival for humankind, is the need to transform or destroy elements of the Given Existence, for human necessity and superfluity. Every human created product requires material resources for its making, which in some way affects or changes the natural world.

The Given Existence considered as a spiritual state would possess an integrity, such that its transformation or destruction would be limited or prohibited, as material for human created superfluousness. The natural world absent any inherent spirituality, may be considered as a material state which possesses no innate value in and of itself, and thus may be used for the purposes of producing, not only necessity, but any degree of excess.

The economic system of the Given Existence, which applies to all living things accept humankind, is what is defined here as Necessity and Subsistence. Energy is expended for only what is necessary, as an exact equivalence to the energy consumed, in the activity and behavior of living, as necessary to the preservation and maintenance of any given pre-existent or present state, in identical or near like form. This includes more than is necessary as storage, for times when what is needed as not accessible for immediate consumption.

The Conservative Spiritual interpretation of the planetary existence, which represents the authority for human conduct is defined as a unified whole, or a totality of elements and parts, which is considered to make-up a single living aggregate.

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