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All elements of the Whole, function in a unified manner, each Part continuously replaced by reproduction, consuming only what is necessary, which preserves the regeneration as a constant, and promotes the existence of a Stable State. The Consequence of Being of every single natural element and entity, represents the value of the aggregate, wherein the comparative value of any given pre-existent state or entity, is equal to and equivalent to the Whole.

If every phenomenon, aspect or event of the Given Existence is considered as a single collective unified entity, then a Spiritual State could be defined as the infinite existence of the natural world and universe, as an already existent and complete result and product, the value of which is inherent in its being. This can be appreciated, by the experience of any given present moment and circumstance of the natural world. Human experience in terms of the concept of the Stable State, would be fairly equivalent in any particular environment, in any age or time. By example, going into a specific remote wilderness area is an experience common to all, for as long as that wilderness has been and will be.

Proto-religion is the ability of any given individual in any given present circumstance, to experience by the human sensory apparatus evidence of a spiritual state, wherein the individual has a relationship, as a one to one equivalence, or is equal to every element of the natural world, defined as a unified living whole, and where the individual's identity is considered an aspect of the Given Existence. The individual is defined in terms of the spiritual identity, by a relationship and experience with natural events and happenings in a mutual manifestation of reality.

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